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can a baby be allergic to air-born things?

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hi all! my 5 mo. has congestion (like a post-nasal drip that gurgles in his throat) & green poops (sometimes mucousy) since birth. he also got eczema a month ago. the doc said it's probably something i'm eating. i asked if it could be my dog, pollen outside, dust... he said it's highly unlikely; that it's probably something i'm eating. i can't understand how a baby can't get congested from dust, etc. can he? doc said to cut out berries and citrus first. i thought maybe try dairy first. opinions please!!! tia!
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Hi Keri!

I'd agree that it's probably not an airborne reacton, but, to me, his ideas for elimination seemed a little bizarre. I do think it would be better to start with dairy, if necessary eliminate the entire top 8 allergens and progress from there. Citrus and berries can definitely be a problem, but it's far more likely to be something else.

It could be a combo of things. We focussed on foods for two years and only saw real relief after tackling the airborne allergins (pets, dust, mold) and dust mites. Everone is so different - wishing you well in finding the answer.

(Our ds has definite food allergies as well but the congestion, severe eczema and nightwaking were from airborne allergins).
what are the top 8 allergens?
Top 8: dairy, soy, eggs, nuts, peanuts, wheat, fish and shellfish. Corn is also a common allergen. Anything, in truth, can be a problem, but sometimes it's easier to start with the most common and eliminate from there. Our son's allergies include: dairy, soy, egg, corn, peanut, treenut, wheat, bananas and avocados and latex, mustard, sesame, coconut, barley, buckwheat, quinoa, most fruit and veggies, etc...etc... His reactions vary, from severe eczema, to gastro pain and reflux, to anaphylaxis.

I agree that the congestion could be caused by an environmental or seasonal allergy, but the poop is more likely to be a food. In our experience, ds2's eczema has always been traced back to a food, but others have problems with environmental allergies.

It's extremely rare for a baby that young to have season allergies. Could he be allergic to dust or an animal in the house, yes though as those are constants usually. Allergies like that don't affect the GI tract though, that would be soemthing you're eating and passing to him. I'm dairy/soy/egg free right now.
I agree with the others, sounds like food and milk is the #1 offender. I've seen quite a few moms wean rather then give up milk but its really not that hard to get rid of it and its better for you not to drink it anyway
I've been on an elim diet for almost 5 years now and cant imagine ever going back to the way I used to eat.
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When I read the symptoms, dairy screamed at me!! Alex gets severely congested with citrus and dairy. He's also intolerant to wheat. I thought the foods your dr said to get rid of were kind of odd.
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