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Can a baby have ejaculatory fluids?

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Not sure what else to call it... I'm sure it's not proper semen yet.

Anyway, when I changed my son's sposie diaper this morning, there was some greenish/yellowish stuff in the penis area of the diaper. My first thought was an infection. I tried to clean the penis well, to see if I thought anything looked infected. What I got instead was more white fluid

We use sposies at night, cloth during the day. I'm wondering if the sposie chemicals turned it green/yellow, or whether the secretions were that color originally. We'll see if it keeps happening today, and if so, what color.

Any thoughts? Is it more likely that this is an infection or that this is some kind of premature ejaculatory fluid?

My DS is almost 8 mo.

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Sounds like smegma -- a natural secretion of intact men and women. You can google the word to get all the info you need. HTH
I thought smegma was a waxy substance. This was definitely very liquid.

You know, I was going to post something separate and ran across this...

Kinda on that note (I feel really dumb for asking this), can little boys get erections? I feel like such a dork for asking-

My 3 1/2 month old son was swollen when I changed his diaper the other day. I panicked and thought he had some kind of reaction to something. I turned around to grab a wet cloth, and when I turned back, not swollen anymore!!!! Hmmm.

Sorry to hijack, just thought if there was someone knowledgable about one, they'd probably know about the other too!!!
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My DS has had quite a few erections already. Usually after a poopy diaper where I have to really work to get him clean
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Originally Posted by avendesora
I tried to clean the penis well, to see if I thought anything looked infected. What I got instead was more white fluid
When you say "clean it well" do you mean retracting the foreskin to clean underneath? The reason I ask is because the infant penis is usually not retractable at that young age and so one isn't supposed to clean underneath the foreskin, just the outside, wipe it like it's a finger. You probably know this already but I'm just checking
. Cleaning underneath the foreskin can actually cause infections.
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I read in my dr. spock baby book that baby boys do get erections. I have no idea if my son has - I can't tell.
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Baby boys get lots and lots of erections, starting in uterus. It's kind of cool actually, because most baby boys get slightly erect just before they wee all over you and so you know to get the umbrellas out
(my midwife showed me that...)
TO the OP, does he have lots of wet diapers (12+ today?) Any smell? Any discoloration? Anything to indicate that he's feeling poorly?

My guys both have very tight foreskins and I don't remember having ever seen smegma at that age, but it doesn't sound implausible: and on the rare occasions my dd wears a sposie overnight it goes slightly yellowish. Be warned, though, if you take your ds anywhere near a doctor with a suspected UTI then you're probably facing catheterisation and umpteen discussions about not retracting. Unless he's acting uncomfortable I'd give his body time to heal.
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He has not been peeing that much recently. I thought it was just because it was hot out, I wasn't drinking enough water for the heat, and he's been using the water (in breastmilk, of course) to sweat with instead of to pee with. I've been starting to be just a little concerned about the lack of pee. He is nearly exclusivlely breastfed, even at 8 months, seeing as that rice cereal makes him vomit, bananas make him constipated, and he hates purees and spoons.

I know not to retract the foreskin. I was just trying to clean it as well as I could without any retracting.

He is not acting uncomfortable.

I put him in a cloth diaper (as I do during the days anyway) so I could see the color of the secretion without the sposie chemical messing with it, and wouldn't you know it, he pooped, and now I can't see anything. Just my luck. We'll see how this next cloth diaper looks.

Are there any homeopathic remedies for UTIs? I don't mind trying a homeopathic remedy without a proper diagnosis, seeing as that it won't do anything unless it's the right remedy.

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