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Can any mama help me choose a sling??? Pro's and Con's to any sling???

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I've never worn a sling, but would LOVE to try this time. I don't know what to look for. So, what kind of sling do you use and what do you like or not like about it?

I've been looking at the Sprout Pouch. Any comments on that one?

I want to buy one this week!
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I think pouches/stretchy pouches and ringslings are great for newborns. Once they get heavier I like a carrier like an Ergo/Patapum or ABC/MaiTai because it distributes weight better. I haven't tried a wrap, because even the long straps of the ABC bugged me. I'd get out of the car, go to put on the carrier and the straps are dragging the ground...I can't imaging putting on a wrap anywhere but clean grass or at home with all that material! Other mama's love them though. Then later on when they want to walk and be carried for a small distance, walk and be carried a stretchy pouch again because it is easy to pop em in and out and isn't bulky.

Good luck!
I have a new native. It was good for when ds was little. Then I got a maya wrap which is fun but can get uncomfortable for long time usage. I really want an over the shoulder baby holder this time. Or maybe try a padded sling.
We always prefered the bjorn and the snugli for walks and anytime ds wasn't asleep. They get antsy in the sling after a couple of months (at least mine did).
Dh, ds, and I loved out Kangaroo Korner Adjustable Fleece Pouches, but we figure with a May baby, it will be too warm for a lot of the prime baby-wearing time. I also bought a Mother's Milk stretch cotton sling to use last summer, but the fabric is not nearly as comfortable, and none of us liked it. My next purchase is going to be a stretch sling from HotSlings. I also have a sewing pattern for a Maya Wrap that I hope to make very soon. If you like, pm me and I'll send you the pattern. Also, tons of good sling info here:
Thanks everyone! to researching!!!..................
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Sprout Pouch looks sort of similar to the sling I wore. I did love being able to hold my DD while DOing, but because of hip problems it did hurt quite quickly after she was around 3 or 4 months old.
And I couldn't wear her at all beyound 15 months old.
Basically, the problem felt as though it was in the fact that the weight was unevenly distributed because it rests entirely on one shoulder and wraps around the back, then under one arm and across the front. Basically the same as the sling you are considering.

I have ordered, for my next baby to be worn in, a MobyD. Moby looks really good as well, I really like the way MobyD looks and because it has the swatch of fabric across the front (that baby rests in) that is far less stretchy. The fabric of my original sling was not stretchy at all and I found that it worked really well for me and DD. So, this is a sling I'm excited to try, but have no practical experience to share... however, I did use one of the snuggli thingys and liked it a LOT because it more evenly distributed DD's weight, but didn't like it because DD was too "far" away from me and she wasn't soothed as easily. However, DH and her Mimi(grama) prefered the snuggli. ?? It's SUCH a personal decision!

I would definitely take the advice of the first PP and check out the babywearing forum if you want specific advice on the diff slings mentioned by others in response to your post.
GOOD LUCK! Baby wearing is THE best!
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