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Can anyone explain what's going on with my Aristocrat?

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It's also happens to my Cushie Tushie by Dana. These are my 2 thickest wool and I use them for overnight. Well, the Aristocrat was soiled and the other was beginning to smell. So, I washed them in DoodleBottoms wool wash. I swish them around and squeeze the water through the crotch and then let them soak about 15 minutes. It takes them forever to dry--it's been 2 days and still not dry, but I think that's bc it's very humid here with LOTS of rain. Anyway, now that they're partially dry, they smell in the crotch area of stale urine. I feel like I'm going to have to scrub the area, but I don't want to felt them. I usually use a WOW bar--do I need to use more soap? Am I washing it incorrectly? Do they need to be lanolized (although this is the first time I've washed the Aristocrat). Any ideas?
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I usually let my wool soak longer than that, just to be sure, because my toddler's aristocrat gets really stinky. I very rarely lanolize (because I'm so lazy about my wool) and don't have a problem with stinkies.
It's much faster to dry them after you've spun them in the washing machine. I do this with all my wool - it doesn't do any damage. My large 'crat dries in a day!
I wouldn't do anything until it's completely dry. I've noticed that some clean wool can smell like pee when it's wet, but it's fine when dry (sort of like how recently used damp soakers or longies can smell like pee when you take them off babe, but are fine once dry). At certain times (like in the summer, when it's really humid here), I also think that lanolin (which WOW bars have a lot of) can smell like pee when it's wet. So let them dry and then decide.

Also, you can drastically cut down your drying time by spinning out excess water in the gentle cycle of your washing machine.

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