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can anyone offer me sling/baby carrier suggestions?

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I have a 7 mos old baby born at 26 weeks. That makes her about 4 mos adjusted. She has pretty good head control but high muscle tone, a rounded back...not conducive for sitting up, and she's very small...just 24 in and about 11.5lbs. I used to put her in the cradle position in a Kangaroo Korner cotton pouch. When I put her in the kangaroo position the sling digs into her neck as though she's too short for this position. I had an old Snugli which I put her in facing towards me because she needs extra back support but she becomes hysterical when I try and carry her in this carrier. She's very bright and visual and I think she wants to look out at her world as opposed to snuggling up w/me as she did when she was younger. Can anyone recommend a carrier that might work for us? I think a carrier might work better than a sling because a sling is a little more restrictive but I'd like something that she can comfortably fall asleep in as she is still sleeping quite a bit. Is there anything out there that would fit the description yet not break the bank?

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated!
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The 'mei tai' type might work for you and her. It's all soft cloth and can be tied in a number of ways. We have one called a Kozy ( which is made by a WAHM.

I started using it when DS#2 was a few months old and only put it away when he was getting to heavy for my back...although my dh can still wear him in it on his a back pack.

I really liked it when DS was really little because I could fold it down when he was alert and awake and turn it up when he got sleepy.

There are lots of brands out there, either referrred to as a Mei Tai or an ABC (asian baby carrier). You might want to look into it, since it will grow with your baby as she develops.

we had one that sounds like the asian one described. i lent it to another mama and can't remember the name, but basically it was a long piece of fabric, a little stretchy, that could be used in several different ways. my dh really liked it, not so femme. it basically tied one way but you could put the baby in a cradle like hold (good for nursing - even when hiking!) and there was one facing in and one out and i think a sort of side one for the older babe. facing out was good and felt really secure for her and us! it is really comfortable, too. i just found it - called the moby wrap. it takes some patience to get used to tying it, but we really liked it. only about 35$

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