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Can anyone recommend a mortgage broker...

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in the PDX area?

We're looking to see if we can buy a home, but I am afraid of mortgage brokers. Does anyone have any recommendations?

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We've been working with Elijah Jaquith. He's in Newberg, but I think he also has a portland office. We originally met with him just to find out what we'd need to do (credit- or savings-wise) to qualify, and he found us a loan, and some great perks, and the interest rate's really good for our situation. We've put the search on hold for now, and he's been really great about that, too.
Thanks, lia. Do you have a phone number?

congrats on the baby, btw!!
I'm happy he's healthy. The NICU sux, doesn't it?
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Elijah D. Jaquith
Branch Manager
Jaquith Mortgage Group

phone (503) 554-5851
fax (503) 554-9222

email [email protected]

Yeah, nicu's like the Twilight Zone. And the chairs suck too!
We worked with a fantastic broker Andrew Usher and his sister Kim Schwabauer when we refinanced our home a couple of years ago. Their business is Usher Financial Group and they are in NE Portland but work with people from all over the area. (We are actually out in the far out western suburbs, almost country.) Their phone number is 503.595.1600

They also helped our friends refinance a couple of years ago, too, and they thought they were great.

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