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We always wanted 3 or 4 kids, but had to use infertility treatments to get the 2 we have. After the 2nd, I figured if it happened great, but if not, it wasn't meant to be. When my son was 2-3 years old, our whole life changed, we ended up moving, starting our own business, etc.

Now our business is established, my kids are 6 & 9 years old and I feel really torn about having another baby. Part of me does, as I've always wanted more. Dh would like another as well. The other part of me is really happy with our life right now. Our children are both in school FT and we're able to move on and do the big kid things (skiing, skating, etc) and I'm really enjoying the freedom.

ARGH. I wish there was a great answer. I'm 37 & not getting younger.

Is anyone else struggling with this issue?
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