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Can anyone tell me about Barton, VT?

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I am doing an huge amount of research to find out where we will be moving to next spring when we move to VT. Barton looks nice to me and the homes seem to be reasonably priced, can anyone tell me about this town? I appreciate any info you can provide.
Thanks so much.

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I have lived in a bit north of Barton (in Derby) and a bit south of Barton (St. J) so I have passed through Barton often but I have never lived there so take anything I say with a grain of salt.

I do know that the public schools in Barton don't have the best reputation.

Inexpensive housing can definitely be had, but I would definitely try to find something off the main route. I think that it's Route 16 that goes through Barton and it is really busy.

The Orleans County Fair is in Barton every year and it's a pretty well done.

Sorry if I'm not much help, but I wanted to post because there probably won't be too many responses since there aren't too many MDC mamas in the NEK.

Where are you moving from?
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We are moving from the Tampa area in Florida, we are so anxious that I just want to toss everything and leave now. We are so unhappy here and this is not a great environment for kids to grow up in. The public schools here are horrible and I am hoping to unschool or homeschool, I have to do more research. Thanks so much for your post, any info at all is greatly appreciated.

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Good luck with your impending move. If there are any more specific questions you have or if I can help with anything on this end, let me know.

We are still trying to decide what we're going to do re: schooling but I do know that there is a pretty large number of homeschoolers in the NEK and, although everyone works to get together, there is also an organized homeschoolers meeting once a month up in Island Pond at the library.
I grew up south of Barton, and have family who live in Glover, which is next to Barton. The town itself isn't so great, IMO. I mean the village/town proper. BUT, the area in general IS nice. There is a nice big lake called Crystal Lake, and Lake Willoughby is not too far south of there. There's good hiking, there are a fair number of farms up there. If I were moving to that general area, I would look for land/a house in Glover, East or West Charleston, Brownington, or in Barton, but not right in the village.
There is a cool, meditation center in Barton. It is pretty country there. ST Johnsbury is nice big town nearby, as well as Littleton, NH.
Many homeschoolers in that area and in all of VT.
I live about 30-35 minutes from Barton.
- kerri
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