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Can anyone tell me about sugar soap?

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I was looking for cleansers online last night and "sugar soap" appeared several times during my search...but only in British/Australian/South African links. Nothing to find in American stuff (before I quit looking anyway). Anyone use this stuff before or have any more info on it? Thanks!
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I don't know about sugar soap, but brown sugar or white sugar mixed with olive oil makes a great body scrub.
I asked on my soap board and this is what I was told by an Australian:

"Sugar soap is a liquid soap with a sugar like type of grit in it, it is used
to scrub down walls etc before painting. Very harsh on your hands
) I
dont know what the grit is exactly, i dont have any here to look it up for
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Thanks, Michelle! When I was searching on information for painting tile it came up in several places, but never did get much info on what exactly it was. Just that it was good for pre-painting and similar types of cleaning. I use TSP on my walls before painting and was wondering if this stuff was safer.
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