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Can CIO lead to bedwetting?

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There was a discussion between my husband and I not too long ago where I asked hubs if he was happy about me choosing to cosleep because our daughter has never once woken him in the night. She's been one of the few who has slept through the night since birth. He sort of shrugged and said that his daughter from his first marriage (she is 13 now) never woke them up.

I told him that was fantastic and asked if they coslept. He shrugged and said "no, we let her cry herself to sleep every night." Apparently they would just shut the door down the hall so they couldn't hear her. (That was before he had ever heard of attachment parenting.) I felt so horrible and told him I was so sorry and asked him how he felt about that. He just shrugged and said "well, she's fine."

That made me a little angry. I told him "she's NOT fine! She wet the bed every night until she was ten!" It may even have been longer than that. She never spent the night at our place after age ten.

Now I'm wondering if what I said was unjustified. I think maybe I was assuming too much. I don't know if wetting the bed as an older child even has anything to do with CIO. I guess I just sort of assumed that the trauma and anxiety of it might have stayed with her. I have heard that those are what can cause bedwetting.

I wanted to ask for the advice of other moms who have had real experience. I'm not judging anyone and I'm not doing this to start a discussion, I am just curious to know what other moms had in the way of experience. Did you/do you have an older child who wets the bed? Were they allowed to CIO as a baby or not? (Assuming that maybe some of us here converted to AP after having children rather than before.)

If you don't want to say anything here, you are welcome to send me a private message. I will not judge anyone, I'm just curious to know what other moms' experience is with bed wetting in older kids. It's more of an unscientific study I'm doing now.
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I am a post DS #1 convert to AP. We did some CIO with DS1 and he did wet his bed until just earlier this year, Age 6. I say some because my heart was never in it and I usually gave up after a few minutes.

We did find a cure for his bed wetting in chiropractic. His urge to pee wasn't strong enough to wake him. He had no daytime accidents. After he was adjusted he went 6 months without incident. After that we started to go regularly and he has been accident free for a few months now.

Personally, I don't think it was related to the CIO that we did.
Don't beat yourself up about it. Every child had a different timeline, and it's not always about what we did or didn't do.
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