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Can cloth diapers hurt my baby??

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Well, I don't really think they'll hurt him, but is it possible that the big bunch in between his legs will make his legs develop funny or affect his walking?? I know plenty of babies grow up fine wearing cloth, but ours are pretty bulky and I've been wondering this lately as he seems to be waddling as he walks. (he did just start walking a few weeks ago, but still...)
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Did your grandparents end up walking funny or deformed?

No, he'll be fine. I was just at the pediatrician's today for a well baby check up and she admired that I had ds in cloth as she said that she thought they were much healthier for kids. He'll be waddling for a while until he really gets his walking legs, but it has nothing to do with the diapers.
If you're curious, let him go nakey bum and see if he walks better.
Or stuff pockets more lightly.

He'll be fine, really.

Cloth diapers can hurt your baby... if you pinch his skin in the snap. But even that isn't permanent!
Babies with hip problems are often put into 2 sposies to give them more bulk. The comfort idea is just a propaganda thing against cloth. DDs had to be in sposie while our machine was broken and they all hated it.
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