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Can I be sappy for a moment?

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This is my first pregnancy. It was long waited for, due to pretty severe PCOS. So there's been much anticipation, hope and expectations.

But every time I feel this little guy kick, twist, wake up, I'm falling in love all over again. I'd never ever imagined it to be like this. No matter how much I wanted this baby, nothing could ever have prepared me for the love I already feel for him. Every time I feel like complaining because I'm so tired, can't eat this or that, feel generally moody, if I really take the time to realize what's going on, I can't help but get a smile on my face again.

We had a 4d u/s today. If you don't feel leary of them, have the opportunity and feel like it, I'd reccomend it. I can't stop staring at the pictures, the DVD, and I've pretty much had a permagrin on my face since 3.30 pm.

I never ever knew it could be like this

Have you realized today how special it is to be having a baby?
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Just you wait. All that love will double (more than double?) when you actually have your baby in your arms.

Enjoy all the easy bliss now, though, when it doesn't come coated with spit-up and stuff. You still love them ridiculously, but there are some icky bits.

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That is so funny...cuz I was being really sappy this morning too.
My baby is getting so big, and I feel such a connection with her everytime she kicks (which is pretty often today)...I told her how much I love her and that I just want a chance to create a happy life for her.
Sigh...feelin it Minimoose!

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awwww, yep, it's pretty special!!!!

Just wait till you see your hubby with the baby for the first time, you'll fall in love with HIM all over again too, and it'll be sooo much deeper.

Expect LOTS of moments like this, after baby comes, esp if your already so "sappy"....hugs!!!
Ahhh, y'all just made me tear up a little...
Aww, your post made me so happy
Being pregnant really is amazing and the love really does magnify once the baby is born.
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i think i have had a recent hormone shift b/c i have been a weepy fool all week. esp. over how much i already love this baby. i have cried every day (for various reasons). she's been moving a lot, and i'm getting bigger, and i just talk to her all the time. i have totally been feeling what a miracle this all is....i feel so lucky to be a woman and to carry life inside me. i just cna't wait to hug this little girl!
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