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can I bowl with my 4-month-old in my mei tai?

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This is probably a silly question.
We have a bowling birthday party to go to tomorrow -- I can't decide if I should sit on the sidelines or go ahead and bowl. It seems like maybe it would be kinda whiplashy in there for him if I try to bowl while wearing him??? Would it shake him too much? The other adults going offered to take turns holding him, but I'd rather wear him the whole time.. if it means no bowling for me, so be it. Opinions? Thanks!
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On your back...definetly...on your front...Im not sure how comfortable that would be.

But back..yes, you can do most everything w/ a child securely strapped to your back.

Hope this helps and have fun!
Umm Ibi
Depends- how good of a bowler are you?

I bowled with my dd in a front carry when she was 2.5 months old. Of course, I'm a terrible, terrible bowler and I don't throw my ball like a 'real' bowler, so it didn't shake her at all. Every time I bowled I would keep my other hand at dd's head to keep her still, kwim?
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I've been bowling a few times with kids. My scores stunk!
I just couldn't really hold a slippery ball with sweaty hands and a baby. I handed off the baby and tried to just get the job done quickly! Of course I am not much of a bowler anyway. I'd feel weird about doing it with a baby on me. Like I'd put my back out and yes, also, maybe give the little one whiplash!
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For safety reasons, some of the NINO leaders do not recommend bwing while bowling due to the slippery shoes they have you wear. As a NINO leader I say that I wouldn't recommend it for that reasons but as a mother you have to decide what you feel is safe for your child. If you are a regular babywearer and you feel comfortable doing it then that is your choice as a mother. If you are new to babywearing, I would definitely say it isn't a good idea. I agree with the pp that said there arent' many things you can't do while bwing, however there are some. Like I would not go skateboarding while bwing!!!!
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I would worry about the slick shoes and floor if you stepped forward too far. I haven't fallen while bowling in a long time
but I would hate to do it while babywearing.
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I went back and checked the thread and a good guideline someone mentioned is this: if you wouldn't do it with your child in your arms, don't do it with them in a carrier.
Ive done it with mine in a MT front carry, but I always kept a hand on them and bowled one handed...I never ran towards the line...I just learned to do it while standing at the line. Actually scored better than I did

And most bowling places will let you wear your regular tennies if you asked them,. and just tell them you dont want to slip and fall. I dont ever wear the shoes there.
I think it depends mostly on your comfort level, I wouldnt personally do it, but I wouldnt think it is wierd for someone else, if they felt ok doing it.
Thanks everyone!! I decided to just hang out and watch... there were lots of good reasons not to try wearing him & bowling at the same time. And I don't love bowling or anything, so no loss.
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