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Are you interested in getting higher education - ie a masters or PHD. I don't have one, but it seems that alot of people around me are going this route, and trying to do their thesis on bfing related topic. Then you get a job in academia or gov't.

For example, one person I know is Pat XXX (I'm not sure if I should use her name on an open forum). She was LLL leader, (I don't know what her undergraduate degree was). She raised her kids, and now has a PHD. Somewhere along the line she has done research on diabetes and our aboriginal Cdn population. She has a research assistant who actually does the counselling, runs the program etc. Pat has now managed to move upwards to be a manager of Public Health Policy with her provincial gov't. Of course her job now entails a lot of aspects other than bfing, but she can keep pushing the bfing agenda from a high level. It is great to see a LLL leader move up to a position of power in the mainstream system. When she lectures to undergrads on population health, all her examples she uses are bfing stats, so they get an educate on bfing whether they want it or not.

Another friend of mine, who was a journalist, is now doing her masters in social work, and her thesis is on divorce and bfing. She hopes to get a job where she can support families to bf. (She's a divorced mom now).

I would think if you when and got a master's in public health you could do what you are talking about?

Just some thoughts.

Oh yah, I think it would be appropriate for you to email someone like Kathy D or my friend Pat and ask them for career guidance. I also know a couple of people who have worked on the National bfing awareness campaign, and for the US gov't at the CDC, who might be willing to give guidance. You could even post your question on Lactnet, the list for lactation professionals. PM me for addresses.
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