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Can I get some late potty-training support?

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I refuse to push her but I am really, really, really bored with the whole thing. She's been poop trained since she was 2.5 The pee thing eludes us and I suspect it's just lack of bladder maturity. She is a large child at 3. She is 42 pounds and 43 inches tall. Wears size 6 clothing. Is normally proportioned but really the size of a child of 4 to 5 year old. This means she outgrew regular diapers some time ago and is now into the things designed for older kids called "Good Nights". (Yes, disposables. Sorry.)

Last night she fought hard to have that extra cup of soymilk and she literally flooded the bed. 2 in the mornin and I am swabbing the decks like the janitor I really am. All moms are janitors at the end of the day *sigh*.

Anyone else experience anything similar? I am simply providing her with lots of love and support and strategically places potties that she uses on and off. It's tiresome but please tell me it's normal. She's a bright kid and has an excellent grip on everything else. Even changes her own diapers here and there.


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Feel for ya! My kid is 3.5 and STILL being potty trained - I've tried everything! I know she will get there, but so much for girls learning before boys hahaha. I hate the judgemental looks/comments people give me, like I'm doing something wrong. She'll learn when she is ready and they are all potty trained in the end, aren't they?

I joke that I will make lace trimmed diapers for her on her wedding day and I half believe it sometimes

But hang in there - you are not alone!
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I'm right there with you!

My dd will be 3 in a little less than a month and we've been toilet learning for a couple of months. I don't really expect her to stay dry at night yet because I don't think she has the bladder control. But I would like for her to use the potty consistently during the day. My oldest dd (now 19) learned to use the potty very quickly to pee - just took her awhile to poop and stay dry all night. However, she had totally learned by the time she was 30 months. DD #2 does great as long as she is naked
but that's rather hard to do all the time.

I work, and part of our problem I think is the sitter. I don't think she is doing a very good job of reminding, etc.

I'd like for dd to start at a Montessori preschool in the fall because she is so ready for the social interaction and learning experiences (she constantly talks about wanting to go to school) but they won't take her until she has learned to use the potty. We've been on a waiting list for this particular Montessori and they have called to let me know they have a spot in the fall. I've sent our deposit but I'm not sure we will be ready!

Dd is also a very spirited child, trying to be in control all the time, which makes it difficult. She is very active and I think sometimes just doesn't want to take the time to use the potty.

You are not alone!
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