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Can I give Acidophilous to a 5 month old?

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Just checking, if it is ok to give Acidophillus (the one available in GNC) to a 5 month old baby who is on antibiotics for a ear infection. The label on the Acidophillus bottle recommends half a capsule for kids less than 2 years twice daily. Has any on on this list done this before??? Our Ped did not recommend this.

Please advice--

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When ds was little, I would give him Babydophilus powder. It probably is just the same as your Acidophilus, but the dosage for infants is listed on the package.

I don't remember how much to give a 5 month old, though.
It's almost impossible to tell how much you're giving anyway. I just lick my finger, dip it into the powder and stick it in his mouth. Rub it on the inside of his cheek/on his gums/etc. I just do that like 2-3 times and figure it's all good. LOL! Don't give it within 3 hours of the antibiotic or there's no point. So if the baby's on the antibiotic every 4 hours or every 6 even, you might as well wait till after the last dose. THe antibiotics kill the good bacteria as well as the bad. HTH!
It's totally fine. In fact, scientific studies have shown less diarrhea after antibiotics with probiotics given. You can open the capsule up and put it in baby's mouth, or express a little milk, dissolve it, and squirt it in with a dropper.

In fact, baby could probably eat the whole jar with no ill effects (although I wouldn't try it).

Dr. Sears has something on his site about probiotics, I believe - also look on kellymom.

It's pathetic that a doctor will hand out an antibiotic prescription but not recommend probiotics - our babies get colonized from birth on with the beneficial bacteria from our guts, if they didn't they wouldn't thrive!
I give it to dd everyday since she was 3 months old - she was sick, sick, sick with one ear infection/cold/uri one after the other for about 6 weeks starting at 6 weeks old. I didn't find out about Probiotics until after she was better - I guess there are theories that it helps with immune systems? I do not have the "studies", but she hasn't gotten sick again. (I'm knocking on my wooden desk right now!) I also use the Infant Probiotic powder-about 1/4 t every day. You can get it in the refrigerater/cooler at your healthy food store.
our ped. who we've only had to see once in 19 months
highly recommends acidophilus for our entire family. we do the finger thing w/the powder with infants. best wishes on a speedy recovery!
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If I were you, I would switch pediatricians, if at all possible.
He/she obviously is clueless.
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