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I'm actually due October 3rd, but our baby will be born by c-section at the end of September. I'm hoping that I make it all the way to September, anyways.

I've had two previous c-sections. My first was after a failed natural labor lasting 37 hours. My second was because I couldn't find a doctor or midwife who took my insurance and who was willing for a VBAC in my area. This time around, I have a brand new doctor (who allows VBAC and takes my insurance, why didn't I find her a year ago!!!
and she said no on the VBA2C. I've been unsucessful at finding anyone else in my area (los angeles) who'll allow VBA2C and who also takes my insurance. It's a crappy situation, but the good news is that I love my doctor very much and I feel very blessed to have her. She's very supportive and informative, personal and caring and I just couldn't ask for more - well, the only thing I'd ask for would be for a VBA2C.

I've had a number of complications this time around. I'm praying for a strong cervix to get me through my pregnancy and no early labor. My water broke on it's own at 34 weeks with my second child and he was born with sepsis, which they believe was due to an infection that went undetected in me, which caused early labor. My first was also born with sepsis which they thought was caused by an infection, which also caused early labor and my water to break on it's own, at 37weeks. So, we're hoping to avoid that this time around!!!!!!

Anyways...I'm here and I can't wait to get to know all of you!
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