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Can I just say how proud I am of DH

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I've had this Baby Story about triplets recorded for a few months because dh has refused to see it. Apparently he was traumatized watching a triplet's apnea monitor go off last time we watched something. But tonight after finishing Bill Mahr, I asked him if he wanted to see it. He relented, but wasn't too happy.

So first, when the babes are finally born, instead of freaking becuase they all went to the NICU or that they had to leave 1 there longer, he's like, she had them at 33 weeks. You're 32. Ours are almost the size of her biggest one. (hers were 3, 3.6 and 4.2) Then he's watching the woman bottle feed at home and asks why she's using a bottle.
Then he starts complaining that the woman int he beginning was just sitting around asking people to get her junk food. She was on bedrest, but she was eating ice cream, donuts, brownies, and shakes.

The only thing that was bad, was when he asked why they didn't tie up the babies. For the life of me I couldn't figure out what he was talking about. I thought he meant tie down mom's arms during the c/s. Nope. He meant swaddling. So I think I need to go over what swaddling is and swaddle a doll because he is obviously a bit confused!

Still he wasn't hyperventilating after and instead was talking about how good our babes are.
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Excellent! I bet he has more peace of mind too.
WOw, to go ffrom no babies, to 3 babies. . . He is one brave daddy to watch that!! Congratulations!! (It is nice when Dad's get involved before the babies show up!)
I just wanted to say you are doing awesome!!! That is so impressive that your three are almost 4 pounds each!! I can't wait to hear your triplet bfing success story!
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