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Can I just say I have a WONDERFUL husband?!

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We are going through a tough time right now, and it may not get any better.

My Mom had a stroke last week and lost most of her memory. She is in rehab and will be for at least 4 weeks and perhaps longer. We just don't know. When she is finally discharged, she'll be moving in with us for awhile (possibly permanently, which is fine with all of us. We have the room and financial resources).

Anyway, a couple of days ago, I was whining and moaning about lots of things (I developed a helluva sinus infection
: that I caught while visiting Mom when she was in the hospital and I am feeling miserable
). Among those complaints (none, in all honesty were justifiable, I just felt yucky and dh was sweet about letting me relieve some of my stress!) was one about how I needed to get more organized with ds's learning supplies.

Ds used to work up in our loft at my old drafting table. But, slowly, he has worked his way downstairs to take over the dining room table. This is fine with me as it really does give him more room (and, is much cooler in the Summer!).

But, things have to be moved everynight before dinner and they have ended up on the floor and the extra chairs and it was getting to be too much. Add the new stress of dealing with Mom and my health and I got all whiney.

Anyway, yesterday, dh said he needed to go into the city (90 miles away, one-way) for a meeting. He called afterwards and had visited Mom (she's doing okay). He said he just needed to make one more stop and he'd be home.

3 hours later, he arrived home. In the back of his truck was a HUGE box.


(( I knew he was going to the pastry shop, but this was too big for that! ))

Anyway, he had a big grin on his face and said he decided to surprise me and ease at least one of my current stresses.

He got this giant box off the truck carefully and into the house, all the while smiling and NOT answering my stuffy-sounding questions and avoiding my sneezes!

He moves our dining room table from its usual place and then opens the box.

He bought us a gorgeous oak buffet cabinet to hold all of ds school stuff!!

It's EXACTLY what I would have chosen! 3 big drawers across the front/top and 3 doors below open to a big storage area. All of the binders and books and "stuff" will fit. Imagine, everything in one place AND accessible, too!!

Ds said it was way cool and immediately started putting things away where he thought they should go.

So, though other things might be crappy right now, dh made sure that a little bit was eased.

I love him so much!
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Oh, that was so wonderful of him! I hope you feel a little better soon
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I hope everything goes well for your mother.
for you and what a wonderful man you have...
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What a sweetheart! I am so sorry about your mother's condition. Best wishes through thse tough times.

I was SO inspired by a man I saw on our local news. He, his wife, and nine children were home when a huge tree was blown onto their home - crushing it and the family van. Five of the kids had been outside playing and would have been killed had they not made it in just as the storm hit.

He smiled, said how grateful he was that they were all ok, and that they would be fine...they had been through worse.

He is now my personal hero!

Awww, how sweet of your DH! I'm so sorry about your mom and hope that her recovery goes smoothly.
Just think that you will look at that buffet cabinet and think of how great your DH was during your time of stress. It will bring yrs of warm and fuzzy feelings when you see it.
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That is so incredibly thoughtful of him! WOW!!!
That literally brought tears to my eyes. How sweet!
You do have a wonderful dh! That's GREAT!
What a thoughtful thing to do. I agree that seeing the buffet will remind you of his kind actions.
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