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Can I label clothes with Sharpie?

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Quick question - does using a sharpie to write ds's name on his clothes for play camp work? Or do I need to use a special laundry pen?

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I've labelled (on clothes' tags) with a sharpie, but the ink bled. I could still kind of read it, but it was pretty blurry
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I have used both sharpie marker and regular ballpoint pen to label clothing and it may fade after a while but seems to hold for a long time in my experience.
I use one of the fine-tipped sharpies for dd's clothes for camp...on the label or waistband. It's mostly worked & even if it bleeds a little onthe tag I can still read it.
black or blue extra-fine point Sharpies will work. heat set in the dryer for 1/2 hour before wearing or washing.

I decorate 100% cotton cloth with them all the time. red and yellow will run, even after being heat set.
I've had good luck with my sharpies.
I use my CD labeling pen, it has a fine nib and was handy. It has bled a little on some tags but has held up well.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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