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Can I make a night time diaper with.....

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cpf's and bumkins covers?

: I hate putting a sposie on her, but I change her cloth diapers every hour or less during the day, how can she possibly go all night with what I have? I have some other stuff coming in the mail soon and next month when I have some money I want to buy a wool cover and some good liners so I can cd at night.

I have sposies left over from baby shower gifts so I have just been using them at night

Any creative ideas?

Thanks ladies
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I have used a prefold and a bumkin cover before. i trifolded a prefold and then layed it on another prefold and then snappi it on and it works...........
does she sleep long at night? You could try to combat the bulk by adding a washcloth to the cpf for the night until your other supplies arrive....
Also do you have any fleece liners? They might help so there is a "dry" feeling
she sleeps for 2 four hour stretches. it just seems like she would need the same hourly changes at night unyil i get some doublers. i'm new to cding so i will take your ideas and try them tonight! i don't even have a snappi yet, does that help alot when using cpf's?

My DD who is older and sleeps through the night can go all night in a CPF and a Prorap with out leaking. She is a very heavy wetter.

Yes, a snappi does help alot with CPF. But I bet you could just lay it in the cover folded. That was all I did with my son.

Good luck.
I like using a mircofiber towel stuffed inside a trifloded cpf (so it's not next to baby's skin. You can buy these cheap from Sam's club in the automotive section, and they really do hold lots of pee.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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