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Have you tried the "sensory" tricks?

Warm the sheets before you lay baby down with a heating pad. Don't let him sleep on the pad itself. (mock body heat)

Keep your yesterday's yucky shirt in the crib with him. (for smell)

Some babies like the smell of mama's soap. Take an old pantyhose and tie this in this crib with your bar of soap in it. (smell again)

Darken the room. If you must move around at night, use an red light like astronomers and dark rooms do. (womb like)

A tape of a steady heartbeat or a fan for white noise, helps some babies. Try this and see. I knew a mom who made a tape of running water and played it continuosly for her babe. (womb again)

Last resort, swaddle baby firmly. This helps them feel like they are still inside. I used a recieving blanket and safey pins. I think one is sold now with velcro strips.

Good luck.
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