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Can I... (re: cloth in the bathroom) and detergant question

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... do cloth rather than toilet paper if I do laundry at the laundromat?

Can I let them sit for a week... that's how often I do laundry.

What would happen if I cut up really old flannel or cotton diapers who's elastic has gone and use that as well as a few of DH's old tshirts?

If all the people that do their laundry at the mat where I do mine were MDC mamas who only use earth and people friendly detergants, I wouldn't have to ask this next question - I can dream can't I?

Since I do my laundry at the laundromat will the fact that everyone else uses normal commercial soaps make it stupid for me to even bother using a natural soap or BS, Vinegar and TO? Since their soap prolly still lives in the machines?
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I do all my laundry (cloth tp, cloth dipes) at the laundry once a week, I just use a garbage bag to throw all the dirties in. I've never had a problem, if things get stinky just sprinkle in some baking soda.

I don't know about the other questions though.
You might want to talk to the owner(s) of the laundry business before you take these types of items in.

Our local mat (I don't use it but I called and asked after reading this!) does not allow diapers to be washed there. It's about health department compliance. Yes, clothes have sweat and dirt on them, but most people's clothing doesn't have urine or fecal matter attached. There is no way they can be 100% sure that the machines are clean enough after having body waste in them. Risks of things like e-coli are there. Sure, the risk is small, but it IS there. And, yes, the risk is there whether there are diapers being cleaned or not. They are just covering their backsides as regards health and safety and liability.

Nor do they allow non-commercial cleaners in their machines (ie baking soda or other homemade cleaners). This is for safety and maintenance reasons.

Check with them before you use their equipment.
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