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I made it Sunday night but the flavor was off. DH didn't even want to taste it. I let it chill overnight and reheated it yesterday to try and correct the seasonings - it didn't even smell good
So, back in the fridge it went.

Basic ingredients:
sauteed shallots
orange juice
orange zest
sugar (Rapadura)
splash of ACV

The potentially good news is that I used a lot more cranberries and a lot less of everything else proportionately, since I was unsure of the recipe. It tastes too bitter and sour and shallot-y to me. I don't think just adding more sugar will fix it???

I am supposed to bring sauce for DH's family gathering, so I want it to be good! Any ideas for how to salvage this or should I chuck it all and start over? Anyone had a sauce with shallots that actually tastes good?

I hate to waste it - I used all 3# of my cranberries (I was going to can some)
: !!! But if it is awful, that would be worse


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I think I'd try more orange juice first and then more sugar. Odd my recipe I'm going to make is kind of like this except no shallots. I love shallots but I like my cranberry sauce just sour and sweet maybe a little hot. Maybe some more orange zest as well. If that doesn't do it, I'd start over and personally skip the shallots save them for stuffing.
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