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Can I say thank you to . . .

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Everyone who replied to my whiney, hormonal post yesterday - thank you. You ladies have made me feel a LOT better.

And I do apologize for the whiney, "oh woe is me" moment. I will try not to do that again.

Thank you.
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Just sending you lots of
Considering that we're all diapering babies, most of us have been pregnant or had a rough day... ALL of us can relate.
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Aw - you are allowed those crazy hormonal moments!! We've all had 'em!
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My life is one great big hormonal moment. S'ok!
You don't need to appologize mama! I just
the fact that there is a place like this that mamas can come, speak their mind, vent and receive much needed support. Heaven only knows we all need that at one time or another
Glad you are feeling better- see it worked!
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