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Can I share some good news?

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DD is using the potty on her own and she's initiating it.


We started a few weeks ago. It was our do or die potty learning attempt. We could tell DD knew when she was doing "it" because she would go away to a corner by herself when it was time. We had made a half-hearted attempt at potty learning last year when she was 2.5 but gave up. It was our fault because we really weren't committed to going diaper free at that point. That's what it took this time. She was completely diaper free and in her panties unless she was sleeping. We also went to the potty on a regular schedule unlike last year. When we started this time, she wouldn't do her business in the potty at all. She was constipated because she was holding it in. And off the potty, we had so many accidents during the first two weeks. But one day, about 5 days ago, it clicked for her and she started asking us to take her to the potty and ever since then she is going to it on her own. She's doing nearly all of the actions with using the potty on her own but she needs prompting to wash her hands well.
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That's great news! Yay, way to go!
Yay!! That's such a big thing to have behind you!
Awesome! Congrats on the diaper free time! That's huge!
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