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Can I take these while breadtfeeding?

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I bought two Bach Flower Essence tinctures and I really want to start taking them. They are heather and Cerato. I only take like 2 drops a day and it's really diluted.
Do you know anything about these?
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Heyla Lizzo!

You might have heard back from someone already, but's okay to take Bach Flower essences while nursing (or pregnant for that matter). I used to take rescue remedy pretty frequently, and I've used them on my 12 mo dd. They're like homeopathic remedies in that there aren't really any "active" ingredients (as such), so it's not a danger to your nursling. About the only concern might be the fact that the tinctures have an alcohol base...but as long as you're not drinking entire bottles one after the other you'll be fine!

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