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Can I use my serger for my Waldorf doll??

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I bought the Sarah's Dolls Radiance Doll pattern and would like to get started. She says to use a zig-zag to sew the seams for the body pieces. Can I use my serger to do this, I think it would make for a much better seam as I HATE the way my sewing machine sews knits. Any thoughts experienced doll makers??
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I know you go this answered elsewhere, but I just wanted to put an answer here, too, in case anyone else was wondering.

No, you do not want to use a serger on a Waldorf doll body. The seams need to be TINY, and flexible, and should be pretty much invisible once the pieces are turned and stuffed. Serged seam would be too wide, and would stand out in a ridge when stuffed.
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