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can i whine? please

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Ok i have at least 4 feet stuck in me... two are crammed against my cervix and 2 are stuck between my ribs.... pushin up like between my boobs.

Last night I had 2 contractions that sucked the air out of me... but only when I sit up from laying down in bed.... scarey. I want these babies to back a bunch of more weeks lol

SO I am miserable... and scared to tell my peri about contractions... she will wig out and throw me on bed rest... pooooooooooooop!

rassin frassin
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Whine away!! I can relate although I'm pretty sure I only have one in there. However she/he bounces her/his head off my cervix or punches it just for fun
and then her/his butt is pushed up under my ribs. It can be pretty darn uncomfie.
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oh yeah and when I go to the bathroom I always have this childish fear that since my last labor was too short if I push out (tmi) #2 that I will be delivering a baby in the toilet... im a dork for sure.
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