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Can little George get some thriving vibes.

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One of our little foster kitties is on the verge. He's still eating and growing (barely) but not thriving like the others (who in just the 3 days we've had them have doubled in size). Little George's eyes are still fused shut, the others are starting to open. The others are getting some fat, not little George. They were one week old yesterday.

The Shelter vet (I'm fostering through the city pound) wants me to bring him back, (to put him to sleep) if he doesn't start thriving soon

Little George is the orange kitty.

He just needs to grow grow grow
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Grow, George, grow!
Thrive, George, thrive!
Open those peepers and stay alive!

Gooooooooooo, George!! Woo hoo.

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Can you give him more time with mom? move the others aside and let him nurse really well? If that doesn't help, I agree with the vet.
Come on little Georgie! You can do it!!
He seems to be doing a bit better, still small and eyes are shut, but one ear is starting to open. So I'm hoping he just had a rough patch and will pull through.

Joanna, I was in agreement with the vet, doesn't mean I hope he doesn't pull through KWIM? Oh and yes he and momma spend about 2 hours yesterday alone (on her own accord).
congrats on the improvement! (even if it small)

I'm still rootin' for ya Georgie!!
Oh I hope he makes it! I have a soft spot for orange kitties, my very forst special cat was an orange boy. Come on George!
How's George doing? We rescued an orange kitten in October from PACA at Petsmart, he was a foster/bottle baby.
Are your babies going through PACA/WMR, etc?
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No we are going through the city's shelter (they have a foster program which I didn't know about until just this year) .

He's hanging on but just by a thread
We are doing 100% of his feedings. Mom still loves to snuggle him, but he isn't feeding. At this point we are discussing if we should give him until tomorrow or wait out the weekend.
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Sorry to hear that.
Are you tube or bottle feeding?
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Syringe, he has "good" feeding that we get excited about you know "yeah a couple more of those and he should turn around". Then he has a bad bout, for a bit
Awww, come on Georgie! Eat! Be fat and jolly! Pleeeeeeeeeeeease!
He didn't make it
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Oh, I'm so sorry. You gave it your best, though...he got the best chance he could have.
So sorry to hear that
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