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Can measuring larger or smaler make you feel "different"?

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With my son I measured 2 weeks ahead from the very beginning. Around 24 weeks I started measuring 7 weeks ahead, but that was only for a short time and then I was back to 2 weeks ahead.

With this pregnancy I'm measuring 6 weeks ahead at the beginning. And have been consistent with that or a little more. The baby is measuring right on with edd but my uterus is that far ahead and I just keep growing! Part of it is how I'm built and carry.

I'm already experiencing things I didn't have until I was well into 30+ weeks with my son. I know things are different with number 2 and I know that the measurements are just that...but 6 weeks is a big difference.

I'm 23 weeks measuring 30. I already have a very picky baby as to how I sit, stand, walk. He already acts like there is NO room. I'm having big time bladder issues and contraction issues. I know these are all things that are typical throughout but I'm in better health than with the first pg and such.

But can being larger than I should be cause me to physically feel farther along? (my belly shots pretty much show how large I am...I'm only 5 ft tall)
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I'm at 33 weeks and have been measuring about 2 weeks ahead for the past couple of months. I never measured ahead with my other two. I definitely feel it more this time. I started experiencing the aches, pains, breathlessness, and uncomfortability (is that a word?) much earlier with this one. Thankfully she is a pretty mellow baby so she doesn't kick around too much, or too hard. When people look at me and ask how long until the baby comes, and I say almost two months, their eyes just about pop out of their heads. I didn't think I looked THAT big...... As long as the doctor doesn't worry about it, I'm not going to either.
Well, I def know when I conceived and they gave me the twins scare then too. But there is only ONE babe!

I'm huge and I'm fine with that! I figure if I'm going to be pg I should look it! I never had that "looking fat not pg" stage

I just feel like I'm farther along because of my belly size and such. So, I guess it is normal!
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