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Can my friend sleep in a bed with her newborn in a sling?

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My friend is happily nursing her newborn and letting him sleep (and nurse) in the sling. Trouble is, he does better that way than out of it and wakes up constantly at night. He'll fall off the latch and wake up screaming, which, of course, means my friend is getting no sleep. It's a Maya Wrap, by the way.

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Has she tried nursing in a side-lying position? It makes nights a lot easier for us than they were before we figured it out.

OTOH, if she has no problem sleeping upright, then it would probably be fairly okay to keep the babe in the sling all night.
I would definetely second what jessiekate said about lying down and nursing. It took us awhile to get the hang of it but now it makes life much easier.

I haven't used a mayawrap before, so I'm not sure the fit is comparable to our sling, but is there any possibility that baby could get twisted up and cover up his face?
A friend of mine's baby had bad reflux, and instead of medicating the baby, she decided to keep the baby upright all the time. . . like 24 hours a day. To do this, she and her partner slept with the baby in a sling, in the chest to chest position. They had to be sittiing up (reclined) for this to work. It seemed pretty safe.

But, if the baby doesn't need to be upright, it seems like life would be a lot happier if mom and baby could be lying down. So, here's another recommendation for side-ling nursing!

Has she tried swaddling the baby? Then laying down to nurse? I'm also thinking warmed rice socks next to the little one for comfort? Seems like the baby is having a hard time adjusting to being out of mama.
I would worry that he can't turn his face to breath if needed because of the sling. I don' t know though.
I've slept sitting up with the baby in my Maya, but I wouldn't lay down. I can think of all kinds of not good thngs that could happen.
Can she position herself and baby in bed so that even when they are both relaxed he can still be latched on?

I would suggest a couple pillows pushed right up against her back so she can lean on them when she falls asleep- and is not pulling the nipple away. And a rolled towel on the other side of the baby so he doesn't roll away when he gets very relaxed. He also might need to be a little bit higher, so if she has a very firm couch pillow or folded blanket for him to lay on, that might work too.

I do think that she shouldn't lay down with him in the sling.
Thanks for your responses, everyone! I was thinking "not so good things could happen, too" about sleeping with the sling on. I've forwarded these responses to her. So glad you guys are here to help!!

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