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Can my prefolds be saved? And ? about GMD prefolds.

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It seems that I've been using twice as much detergent for our prefolds, which is very likely the reason for the bleeding bottom. I thought I was using the right amount, but I just measured after reading some instructions for a high efficiency washer and I've been using twice as much.

Our toddler is 30 pounds, so we need new covers because we only have mediums. We have the brown edge prefolds from Green Mountain Diapers. We just trifold and put in a Thirsties or Bummis cover. Using them this way instead of pinning or using a snappi, do you think these should continue working through potty learning?

Also do you think they can be saved? Or will we need new diapers? I never saw any bubbles in the gazillion rinses I did to see if there was too much detergent, but that's the likely cause since we were fine for 15 months, then bleeding (not yeast).

If they can be saved, what should I do? I'm hopeful but I guess not expecting much.

Thank you.
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