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Can someone explain the MOE inserts to me?

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I have 3 different kinds of MOE inserts that look different. 2 have rounded corners and are white white (although one is whiter than the other). One is thicker feeling than the other too. The third is squared off and the fabric feels more silky, and it feels fairly thick.

I have heard that MOE makes a 3layer and 6 layer microfiber insert. is there any way to tell what kind I have?

What's the difference btwn the rounded and squared ones?

(In case you were wondering, I don't remember where I bought most of them and some came directly from MOE)

Thanks in advance if anyone has any insight!

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I think their 3 layer ones are considered a doubler, are all about the size of the regular smalls, and are sergeded in a multicolored pastel thread. I don't know for sure what the difference in the rounded and squared corners would be other than when they were made.
I have 7 and they are all different, including the size and texture, and some of them arrived at my house in the same batch and feel different. It's strange, but they all work great!
Hmmm, OK. Thanks for the input!!
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