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I am working with the supplements I have right now (can't afford any new ones at the moment).

I am needing to solve my son's constipation problems. I'm hoping to do this by elimination diet and digestive enzymes/supplements.

Supplements I have:

-Liquid calcium (1000 mg).
-Nordic naturals omega 3 liquid
-Natural Calm (I was using this before but a little bit uneasy about it since he is on 2 tbsp of lactulose twice per day at this point)
-Quercetin bioglavonoid complex (225 mg quercetin, 235 bioflavonoid complex, 45 mg bromelain, 45 mg rutin)
-Nature's Way Primadophilus (3 billion bacterial cultures)
-Natural Factors multienzyme full spectrum high potency (12600 skbu amalase, 180 CU cellulase, 580 lactase, 60 DP maltase, 40 INVU sucrase, 200 XU, 44200 HUTU protease 1, 4800 PC protease 2, 60 SAPU protease 3, 200 SPU peptizyme SP , 120 mcu bromelain, 450 papain, 500 LU lipase).
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