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Can someone recommend an inexpensive serger?

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I'm asking my mom for a serger for my birthday, and I need recommendations for an inexpensive one that still works well for small jobs. I mainly want it for small jobs -diaper wipes for the kiddos and household cloth items for us like "un-paper" towels, napkins, and tablecloths. I thought I'd start out with a cheap-o one until I learn to use it, and then maybe eventually I can get a nicer one.

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I'd get a older used one. IMHO Quailty is better than age with sewing machines and sergers.
I'd pick a low-end Janome serger -- while I have no qualms about buying a used sewing machine, I'd be a bit hesitant to purchase a used serger (from people I've talked to, it's quite likely people sell sergers because they're frustrated with them -- and have quite possibly not taken good care of them because of the frustration).

On the other hand, if you can buy a second-hand serger from someone you know took good care of it, I'd go for it!
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Originally Posted by puddingpop
I'd pick a low-end Janome serger --

Thanks for the tip!

I'm off to Google Janome......
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Just stay away from the Singer Tiny Serger. The thing is CRAP
I got the clearance Brother 1034d from Walmart ($139--but good luck finding one now) and it's great!
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no singer no singer no singer!!

IT IS HORRIBLE!! It won't even sew through a soaker pad for a dipe. I forced Walmart to let me return mine after two evenings of PURE HELL!
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