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Can these be salvaged?

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My MIL kept my 3 yo while my DH & I took our younger DD to have surgery this past week, to a specialty hospital 2 hours away. MIL never mentioned any wet clothes/panties. I finally got around to unpacking her bag today to do laundry and there was this plastic grocery bag in there, with 2 pairs of jeans and 2 pairs of panties in it. Obviously, they were wet at one time, but now they are all MOLDY! Gross. I've seen clothes mildew before, but I have never seen this grey, fuzzy mold growing on clothes! Is there anything I can do to salvage these jeans? The panties I can toss (I guess), but I don't want to buy new jeans this close to shorts season!!
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I'd wash them on hot with a disinfectant like tea tree oil added to the wash. Then wash again with detergent.

That's all I can think to do!
I'd soak them in a full bucket of cold water that completely saturates them with tea tree oil and vinegar in it, then a cold water rinse then a hot wash ALL with Tea Tree Oil and vinegar in it. I have had this happen before and it worked GREAT!
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