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Can these dipes be saved?

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I have some SOS diapers that the elsastic has worn out in. Is there a way to replace the elastic & make them work for me again? Any help would really be appreciated. I tried with some elastic that I bought at Walmart
that looked like the same size as what was inside (there are some holes around the edges of the dipe too where I can see the old elastic), but it didn't seem to work. I am just learning how to use a sewing machine, so maybe it is just too hard for a beginner? What do you think? I could take pics of the inside of the dipes if that would help.
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Well they are serged right? Do you have a serger to close them with after you've put the elastic back in? If not do you plan to turn in the edges and topstitch?

As far as putting in the elastic I'd get the right width of stretch Rite knitted elastic and then tack down the top to exactly where it starts on the top of the leg. Then I'd put my 3 step zig zag on and use the longest stitch setting. I'd pull the elastic as tight as I could as I sewed it down and I'd only sew it to the outer layer because sewing it through all the diapers layers is too complicated in my experience for someone who hasn't made a number of diapers.

Again, let me know about closing it.
If you need help I can do it for you and help you with shipping if you need it.
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I'm totally editing this because I didn't read the link provided and I think it would work SO well! Ignore my post below.. I was trying to do it the hard way all those times. See.. even a big know-it-all like me can still learn something great here!

I'm an experienced diaper seamstress, and for the life of me, repairing elastic in a serged diaper is my worst nightmare. 9 times out of 10, I can't serge it exactly right and I get funny serging around the snaps or I end up serging too close to the elastic etc.. It's just harder than you'd think. do try it..if you aren't going to use them the way they are anway, you have nothign to lose. But, be prepared and don't get too frustrated wtih it. If it seems like it's not going to work, let it go to diaper heaven and move on. I've spent HOURS trying to repair serged diaper elastic and in the end wasnt' happy with the results. I think some people are more talented in that department and maybe I'm just not one of them (I need lots of room for error and since it's already been serged and trimmed, that room for error is all but elimiated). If it was me.. I'd take out the old elastic and use what's left to make a pattern from the diaper instead
and salvage the soaker if it could be salvaged.

If you REALLY don't care how it looks but just need it to function again, you might consider just sewing new elastic onto the outside of the diaper directly over the old elastic Just tack down, pull the elastic taunt as you sew down the elastic and backsttich at the other end. It'll be exposed, but won't be on baby's skin and will make the diapers function for awhile longer.

Hope I don't sound too jaded.. it's just never been a fun project for me.

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LOL - Amber, I agree. My serger and I are still trying to understand one another so I have yet to make something perfectly serged.. but everything is functional!

And I agree, if you don't care about appearance then just sew the elastic to the outside and don't worry about taking apart the inside.
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well I don't have a serger, and as I said there are already holes in the lining of the dipe around the edges right where the elastic is. I just hate to let them sit there unused. Esp. cause it happened to all 3 of my only SOS
. I also have 3 Luke's Drawers OSWs that the elastic is shot in. Bummer that it sounds like it would be pretty hard. Thanks for your help anyway
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I'm not sure if it was clear but she did say that you can sew the elastic to the outside of the diaper without taking it apart at all and it will work like it used to for a while. Is that something you're interested in doing?
If the material is all holey around the elastic anyways, couldn't you cut the old stuff out and sew in new elastic, and then put a 'patch' over the stride of the diaper, hand-sewing it on the front and back if ness...??

Thats what my first thought to do was...since it's holey enough to SEE the elastic, you could cut it out and replace the elastic to whatever body layers are solid enough to support it, and then sew a piece of fabric across to hide the soaker and elastic?
Check out the link Jessica posted. I fixed the elastic in my SOS and it was really easy! Just make sure you stretch the elastic lots!
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Yeah, you don't need to unpick the serging, just cut little holes on the inside, unpick the elastic and slide it out. Tack new elastic down inside the holes, thread it through to the other hole, stretch it while you sew, snip elastic and stitch up the holes.. the thread I posted has more detailed instructions. It's the most painless way to fix shot elastic - no serger required
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ahhh fabulous! I have abt a dozen lukes drawers that have shot elastic (whats with that anyway?? seems like lukes and SOS both tend to lose elasticity long before the dipe is dead) I picked apart the serging on 2 of them, but found it to be such a PITA that I just decided to leave the rest, but now I can fix them instead! Will definetly have to try this!
You could also just sew the elastic onto the outside of the diaper (exactly what the PP said) and then cut a long rectangle of fleece to go over the leg area as a binding (thus covering up the elastic). Fleece doesn't fray so you don't even need to turn under the edges of the fleece.

Whatever you do it won't be perfect but I think this idea would be easiest and look the best for the long run

Good luck!

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Oh my goodness.. That JUST made sense to me! No un-doing the serging! Now that is quite creative. Shoot.. now I WISH I had a diaper with shot elastic just so I could try this *LOL*. So two little slits is all you really need? That's ingenious! Seriously, I will fear the serging no more!

I'm thinking you could create an entire business of repairing shot elastic just based on this idea alone! wouldn't be worth it for one but when someone has a dozen diapers with shot elastic, they'd worship the ground you walk on

BTW.. does anyone know what kind of elastic they use in the LD and SOS? Must be one affected by heat more or something. No elastic lasts forever!

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yes, it's so easy. You know some dipes are okay to serge around again - I think Micki fixed a First Class Baby dipe and it looked gorgeous - but you've got to make sure you have enough room to go around the snaps, otherwise you're going to have really awful looking wings.

But just cutting wee slits and unpicking the elastic is super easy and all the serging gets to stay put.

I'm interested in what kind of elastic SOS uses too - I have two fairly old and beat up SOS but the elastic is still good.
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