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can this diaper be saved?

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my seven year old was eating chinese food. he walked away from the table and my 11 month old pulled the plate down. he was wearing his nightnight fuzzibunz and got chinese food all over it. he wallowed in chinese food. i haven't washed it and am afraid to wash with other diapers.

any tips?
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Soy sauce tends to wash out fairly easily in my opinion...although you are dealing with PUL. Maybe soak it in Oxyclean before you wash?
honestly, my little guy has gotten every kind of food possible on those things, and the only one that stained was red grapes - which came out in subsequent washings (without drying in between). chinese food has never been a problem for us. if it were me, i'd chuck it in the wash and see where we stood after ... i wouldn't let it dry, though.

i hope others have more insightful advice for you!
As with any stain, the faster you wash it the better.
I would just wash it first and see what comes out, then if it is stained go down to any big pet store and buy your self a bottle of natural enzime solution .This stuff is great to have on hand for laundry stains any( and of course for the carpet it was designed to treat.
Soak it for the time spesified on the bottle.
Make sure you double rinse after you wash this stuff out , it isn't toxic but you don't want to iritate the skin.
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thanks ladies! it is not so much soy sauce as oil.
Dawn. Takes grease out of your way. I use it for washing diapers all the time, so I am sure it won't hurt your dipe and it is great as a oil pre-treater.
dawn did the trick! this was not just a spot. he crawled and sat in the broccoli. :LOL
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wolfmamathis was not just a spot. he crawled and sat in the broccoli. [/QUOTE said:
:LOL Oh that sounds ever-so-familiar. Sitting in gooey stuff happens regularly around here. I was going to suggest Dawn, but you did it already. Wonderful stuff, isn't it?

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it was wild. my seven year old was screaming about his broccoli and the little guy was just crawling in and throwing broccoli up in the air. luckily it was cold. i had to use HOT water to get it off the hardwood floor. the entire front and between the legs got covered with sauce. wild times.
YAY for dawn! (i was going to suggest that, glad it worked)
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