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Can we "check" you?

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Every fricken visit... Hi .... lets check that cervix..

um no thanks... i think if anything putting in that jaws of life and pushing things around in there will bring on labor not hold it off...

but everytime they still ask... can we check you?

and everytime I say "no thank you"

I have actually gotten away with no checks so far... I hope i can keep off those cervix gropers forever lol
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weird, why are they checking you so early?! I've got preterm issues, and we've been doing cervical scans every two weeks but they still aren't checking me vaginally at visits. I thought that the pressure to check didn't start till at least 36 weeks or so.
Is that because you are having twins?

That does seem odd (although I've never had twins). Absolutely no vag checks at all on this preg yet (26 weeks today) or the last one until way late in the game....hmmmmm.
I don't want to get checked at all until I am actually in labor. I wonder if my MW will go for that ...
Sheesh, what a pain, having to keep all those fingers and claws out of your vagina... can't they just leave us preggo mamas the hell alone?? I already told my midwives thanks but no thanks, even in labor I don't want any paws down there!
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Not sure why they want to check so much? The last time a doctor was UP there he was impregnating me lol
That seems really surprising to me. When I was pregnant with my twins, the ob specifically said that he did NOT want to check me for fear of starting anything. I was checked when I went into preterm "labor," but never at an office visit. Go right on ahead refusing!

With DD, there were no checks or requests to check until 36 weeks. And then at checks after that, there was no speculum used. I definitely don't see any reason for a speculum - they're not trying to SEE anything or get anything up there. A finger or two is plenty to check cervical position, dilation, and effacement - not that it's OK at all if you don't want it.
I had a fender bender yesterday... someone rear ended me... I called my Peri just to inform her and ask if there is anything I should do..

She says..'you should come in and get monitored"

me Ok I will... but i dont want to get "checked checked"

We promise we won't


went in and they put me on fetal monitor... then let me go.....but i spoke with my peri telling her I see no reason for poking around down there... my cervix will tell me if there is something up!
she promised to write it in my chart.
you poor thing - are you ok after the fender-bender?

You're totally my heroine now - I'm imagining going to my next OB appt and telling them to keep their cervix gropers out of there

I think I got away without any checks last time...let's see if I can do the same this time
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LOL I have a firm belief that if they start pokin around down there... somthing could happen... since everything seems to be going good i see no reason to muck with my junk lol

I feel ok after the accident.. it was very minor!!! my hips are kinda sore...not sure if thats pregnancy related or not... im sure I will recover fine!!!
Glad your peri didn't give you a hassle about it and that you're doing ok after the car accident. A friend of mine had a roll-over accident while preg with twins, and the babies were fine. Gotta love that built-in cushioning!
Her car was totaled, and if she'd had any passengers in the car, they'd have likely been dead because of the way the car crumpled. She got away with just some cuts and bruises, but nothing major.

I too will be refusing cervical exams this time around. Last time, it didn't matter, because a) I was seeing a midwife who doesn't routinely do them anyway, and b) I didn't make it into the 30s.
But when I had PPROM at 29 weeks, the hospital nurses were DYING to check me, and my DH stood up for me and said absolutely not!!!! They were planning on keeping me pregnant at least for several days, if not WEEKS, so why introduce infection with a cervical exam?!?!? The nurses hated my DH, but the doctors talked to him about it and they agreed not to do one.

I haven't yet told my OB that I don't want cervical exams, but I don't think he'll have any problems with that. He's really open minded! He'll probably ask why, and I'll just say that they don't provide any useful information. I don't plan on delivering with him anyway (he knows this), so I may just skip the end-of-pregnancy visits. Once I hit 36 weeks, my midwife can attend me.
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