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Can we have a "brag about your partner" thread ?

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Time for a HAPPY THREAD!!

I have to brag about DP

Wednesday, I had one heck of a day planned. I had to go to work early, take my calculus mid-term (
) during my lunch break and then meet my sister to go wedding dress shopping (I got one
) so I was gone for 15 HOURS! from about 6:30 am to 9:45pm

DP had the boys with him ALL DAY LONG - took them out to lunch, went to meet a builder for work, paid some guys on a jobsite, cleaned up the house, and didn't call me once to ask where something was. I got home and the boys are clean and asleep in bed, and he was still awake and happy (and didn't ask me how much I spent on the dress

I realized on the way home (as my sister's fiance is calling bugging her about how long we're taking at the dress shop
)....... I LOVE this man!! He still blows me away with what a great guy he is!

So - anyone else have kudos to give? Come on ladies - lets hear the good stuff!!
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I locked my keys in the car at the doctor's office today and my husband didn't tease me or complain when he came across town in the middle of work to unlock them.
I am always reminded how great dh is when I read stories from stressed out mamas who aren't getting enough sleep and are getting flak from their partners about the division of parenting responsibilities. Since ds was born, dh has been getting up every morning with dd, regardless of when she wakes up. 4:30 a.m., 6 a.m., whenever, when she wakes up, he gets up with her and doesn't give her any grumps or guilt for it (and he's NOT a morning person!). Even on the mornings after his radio show, when he doesn't get home until 3 a.m. He makes sure she has breakfast, does the diaper/potty routine, and will take her down to the playground or out for a walk, sometimes for 3 hours, until ds and I are done with his morning cluster nursing and I can get up and give dd a turn nursing. He doesn't ignore her at all, he gets right down in the dirt and plays with her. This way she doesn't feel neglected or rejected for having to wait for nursing time -- she gets to play with her dadoo instead! If ds goes back to sleep instead of cluster feeding, he keeps dd and lets me sleep! Then he goes to work and comes right home after, eager to see us.

He makes sure I feel appreciated and is considerate of my needs and feelings, and it just blows me away to see him in action with his children.
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My husband is so responsible. I'm so glad to know that if anything were to happen to me or us he has planned ahead so we'll be taken care of. He is a real sweetie too. He surprises me with thoughtful gestures and I fall a little deeper in love with him.
Today is my partner's last day of work as he is starting four months of parental leave.

He does at least half of the housework, and all of the laundry since our basement skeeves me out, and our basement stairs are difficult to navigate when one is 9 months pregnant.

He is funny and loving and wonderful.
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My DH is buying us a house! We've been living in a condo for two years and I've been a SAHM almost the entire time. With DH's pay raises, upward career change, and good choices we've been able to make the leap to a house about 7 years before we thought we'd be able to.

Besides the financial support, DH is awesome at providing emotional support as well. He frequently thanks me for doing (in his words) "the most important job...raising our kids", keeping the house clean, and having supper ready for him almost every day when he walks in the door. He encourages me to follow my hopes and dreams and gives me inspiration when I'm feeling overwhelmed. He challenges me to be accountable for my words and actions and has pushed me to grow in so many new ways by being such a strong and loving husband.
MY DP (most wonderful woman in the world, sorry ladies, you come a close second though
) is awesome.

She thinks about me and is concerned for me as much as I am for her. Surprises me with things that are unexpected and is a wonderful mother.

She even claims she likes my cooking
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Good idea for a thread. My dh wakes up with dd every morning and feeds her breakfast. Since I am not a morning person, this helps me get a chance to wake up fully and recover from sleep.
I should appreciate him more, I guess I will make his fave for dinner while he takes a nap.
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DH took an unplanned day off of work just to take the family out to the county fair - it was so much fun!
My DH is still sober. I thank him for the commitment he is making to our new life everyday.
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My dh tucks DS in bed every night and reads him stories while I nurse DD to sleep even though he is exhausted and has been awake for work since 3:55 am. He helps alot around the house too. Even though he works his butt off he still thanks me for the piddly stuff, like dinner and packing his lunches, etc.
My dh does most of the house work, cooks most dinners, helps with laundry, and lets me get on MDC while he plays with dd. I need to stop bragging!
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My hubby is the sexiest man on Earth and one helluva daddy too. I fall in love with him more each day -- and we are approaching our supposed 7 year itch.

I turn the monitor on downstairs when he puts the girlies to bed because he tells them spontaneous stories each night complete with funny voices (the last one was called "When Rumplestilskin got a bad case of smelly toots") and has them cracking up before they drift off to sleep.

I love him.

Originally Posted by chrfath
My DH is still sober. I thank him for the commitment he is making to our new life everyday.

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My husband works very hard so I can stay home with our kids. He has attended nearly every therapy session, Dr appt or school function my DS has ever had.

He listens to me.... we communicate...he makes me laugh, and he laughs with me.

He is super hot...

He balances me. When I am stressed, he takes care of things or vice versa. When I need a break, he jumps in and vice versa.

He's fixed so many of our cars when we'd never have had the money to get it fixed. He's fixed our AC when he'd never even looked inside one.

I know I would never in a million years find anyone better than him. And I don't think I tell him often enough.
My husband is patient and kind enough to let my friend and her two kids move in with us when she got herself evicted from her apartment.
My husband works really hard to keep our family provided for while I get to stay home and he never complains about having to work at 4 am or pulling double shifts. He is one of the most intelligent people I know and has helped me grow so much into a decent human being in the time since we met. I know I need to do more to let him know I appreciate him! He's got a sexy
, too.
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my dh drove 10 miles out of his way to come and see me at work the other morning, even though he had worked all night, just because he wanted to see me. No more reason than that.

His face lights up when he sees me. And mine lights up when I see him.
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My husband busts his butt every day of the week (that means all SEVEN) running his business, he is looking at offices to rent now because he is too busy and needs to hire someone so the home office just won't be cutting it any longer
He does it to provide for us financially, and to provide us all the freedom of schedule that makes our family life so much fun. He may work every day, but we always have dinner together and he handles ds's bath every single night and makes time to play for at least a little while every day. We go places and do things as a family, most often because dh initiates it (I always think I am too tired, until we actually get somewhere fun

He is a great and patient daddy and my best supporter.

And today, he scooped the litter box. Without even being asked
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I am very grateful for our mellow, happy marriage. My DH always says how attractive I am whether I am pregnant or not, whatever size I am, if I'm in shape or not. He has never said a single negative thing to me about my appearance, just the opposite. I consider myself a secure and confident person but he really build me up further.

We just had our third baby 6 weeks ago. Someone he works with said to him "Have you got three kids now?!" As if that were a bad thing and also unusual. My DH said "You haven't seen my wife! I can't control myself around her!" - The other great part is who knows if this conversation really happened, I have no idea, but my DH claims it did
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