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Can we have a new funny toddler thread?

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These are always hilarious. 22mo old DD found an OB tampon (the one without the applicator) and was wearing the string around her wrist while saying, "bracelet!"

She somehow understands it's funny to say, "Mommy vulva? Nooo, Mommy PETIS!" (Yes, she says petis instead of penis
.) And vice versa with daddy.
We have never joked like that so I don't know where she gets it.
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Too funny

Kalia did the funniest thing the other night. We were eating dinner and my DH was asking her how her day was. She was chating away when she got stuck ona word so she was stuttering trying to find the word. After a few minutes my DH said "spit it out sweetie", Kalia looked at him funny and then SPIT!!!!!!!!

I nearly fell off my chair laughing at him.

Ah kids, they take things so literally
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Originally Posted by K&O's mommy
Ah kids, they take things so literally
When ds was betw. 18 mos. and 2, I remember asking him to, "Please throw this away," and I recall a big wind-up and then...he THREW it as hard as he could, in the general direction of the trash can.
I remind him of this still, and he thinks it's hysterically funny now, at 6 years old.
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I love this! The other day dh and ds were getting hair cuts. We're working on teaching him to say excuse me when be burps or passes gas. So, he rips a very loud fart at the barber shop and then says very loudly "excuse me Jaxon's bum"
Everyone in the place cracked up.
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For the longest time, I was asking Ds to say, "mama' I started when he was, like 6months, and never anything...

A few weeks ago we were cleaning up his room together and I was absetmindedly asking him to say "mama" he toddled over held my face in his hands and said, "mama"

That was the first and only time I've ever heard him say it.
We just had a first birthday party for my son. My daughter who is 2 was checking out all his new toys and told DH that they were "Mia's toys". DH told her that they were "Mason's toys, but he will gladly share with her". She turned to DH and said "ok daddy, my name is Mason, he's Mia!".
I was talking to our son (age 5) in the car on the way home yesterday. He said that I had done something first, and said "you won". Not clear why I had won, I replied "I won??"

From the other back seat I hear dd (age 2) pipe up. "No mommy. You not one. You 40!"
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DD (almost 2) was being MEGA cranky in the store the other day. I couldn't figure out if she wanted to hold something or hand it to me -- neither one was an option in her mind, and she was on the verge of freaking out [you all know the drill

Anyway two 12ish year old boys strolled by. And wouldn't you know, DD's face lights up and she shouts out joyfully: "BOYS!!!"

Oooh, I'm in for it, huh?
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These stories have me cracking up!! (how sweet, meg!)
My mom has been staying with us for 2 weeks, giving me a hand after DD was born.

23 month old DS dug a boogie out of his nose, held it out for her inspection and then flicked it on the floor.
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We were having a hard day at our house. Jiro (22m) announced "Annoyed!" I said "Who's annoyed?" He answered "Mama is annoyed."

"You're right," I said. "I'm tired and frustrated today." He thought about this, then said gravely "Moses is annoying."

Moses is 8m old, so he couldn't defend himself!
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Maia is a bit older, but this cracked me up today. We were in the carr on a long (2 hours) ride.

Maia and Sage are side by side inthe back, Sage is Sleeping. Suddenly Sage starts crying.
me:"Maia, what happened?
Maia:" I was teasing her."
Then it is quiet for about a minute, suddenly Maia starts crying.
Me: "Maia, What's Wrong?"
Maia "I was teasing Myself! It hurts when I pinch."
Alexandria came over to me the other day while i was gettin ready to nurse Ryker and looked at him and says "Ryker No Boobie,you take a nap
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DD was doing her cat puzzle and told me it was a Mia-Size I finally figured out she meant Siamese.
K&O's Mommy's post reminded me of an incident with my daughter (soon to be 3!)
Sometimes, she'll put food in her mouth and show it to you, or just hold it in her mouth with a look of disgust. So I'll say "Chew your food, please" and she will take a deep breath and "Ah - CHOOOO!"
It's cute, but quite gross when the food comes flying out.
I'm probably the only one that thinks this is cute and not just gross, but my dd always leads me to her poop! Some of her diapers are not exactly the tightest around the legs (very-well used diapers with no elastic + skinny legs = accidents

Soooo the other day she comes to me sitting at the table, grabs my finger, pulls really hard and says, "pee" (which to her means both pee or poo). She leads me patiently back to her room, points her finger at the corner and says, "uh-oh". Sure enough, there's the tiniest pile of poop that slipped out the side of her diaper
I always think it is the cutest thing (only a parent, right?)
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ds claps when i finish vacuuming. first he monitors my progress and then, when i'm finished, he gives me a nice round of applause.
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These are so cute

DD was at my Mum's place and Mum was gave her a couple of Dorito's as a treat (I know, she shouldn't have them but a couple here and there are OK to me). Anyway, she ate them and then went up to Mum and said 'ta', Mum said no more today, pack them away and closed the bag and put it behind her. Well DD stood there with her mouth open as if to show her "look, I finished the last ones, can I have some more". Mum had to tell her they were all gone and then she stopped
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When Ds was newborn and dd was 2, Dd tried to copy me and nurse her doll. She sat down, lifted her shirt and said in a very shocked voice, "Where boobies go? GONE!" just as though she really was expecting to find real boobies there.
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