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Can we have a Pro-bush vs. Anti-Bush thread please?

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I'm not trying to offend anyone, but if we all stick to our own safe little threads, how will we ever learn anything important that the other side might have to say?
Informed decisions require all Bush supporters who didn't get a chance to click on the link I provided before it was so nicely removed from sensitive eyes, here it is again, in a totally new, argument-filled thread (or is that against the rules?)
Yay, democracy!

edited to say, oops, forgot the link, and also, I've been doing my homework around here concerning politics and posting, and I want to apologize to the conservative moms who felt that their bush supporter tribe was a sacred haven that should be free from debate...I really wasn't trying to ruffle feathers, I just have SUCH strong feelings about this issue, and don't really understand why some are so afraid of debate (civil debate, of course...)
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see above for link, which I forgot to include previously (and, I should mention, was borrowed from someone's sig (thanks for a great website, whoever you are!)

Oh, and to clarify with the ladies in the pro-bush thread, I would also never make a political decision based strictly on a Michael Moore movie (I do fully understand the concept of creative editing
), but you MUST understand that the mainstream media is incapable of presenting all the dirt on Bush, and that is why I'm so grateful to people like Michael Moore and the people at
for presenting the world with all the dirt that I personally don't have the resources to dig for myself.
It's pretty telling when Bush's own people are turning against him (leaks)because he (and cohorts) is such a scary #%*$&$!!!!!
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Oh yah! This is going to be a balanced discussion!

Next we'll have a rebuttal from Fox News!

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Sorry, but I don't think you will get many conservative takers for your "discussion." It feels more like you think that we are uneducated or uninformed about the issues and/or Bush and that we would certainly vote for Kerry if we just knew the "facts" told by your biased website.

Debate can only happen between two sides that respect each other. Implying that we just need your facts to see the light does not set up an environment for healthy debate. Plus, many of us feel that "debate" there in Activism is pointless as each side is deeply set in their positions.
Can't think of anything legit to say that is pro bush, unless you support huge deficits et al all the other atrocities he's done.
We have had actual debates before....

But generally people's tendancy to post low blows and pot shots tend to make people wary of actual debating and it turns into a brawl.

We don't really tell people they can't post a thread, er..well within reason of course (

Can people debate without posting low blows and not laughing at each other's links? Not of course that it doesn't happen on a lot of threads here but it wouldn't really be debating IMO. What do y'all think?
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I think it's odd to come to Activism to post about how debate in Activism is worthless & then continue posting elsewhere that you would never post in Activism because it is so worthless.
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Oh never mind, I thought you were talking about debating but you said "argument filled" so I guess not.

Pretty normal for here really...but if you are just looking for a fight don't expect everyone to want to participate if it was actual debating you might have more interest from both sides but I know some people are kind of argued out right now.

You don't have to start a thread to discuss whether or not to start a thread. If you have a question Adina and I are alway happy to pm with you about it.

But yeah, if you want to start a thread about that then fine.
I would love to have a debate. I'm new to MDC, so I don't know the whole fight that's between the con and libs, but I think having a debate would be neat. I don't have any conservatives friends or family (my dad is conservative, but he doesn't really talk about politics), so I would love to hear "the other side".

Too bad we can't do it in a civil manner.
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In a nutshell, I'd like to debate civilly, but it's frustrating to me when people make important political decisions without having all the information they need to make an informed vote.
I can respect someone who wants to vote only for pro-lifers (even though I am pro-choice) but I can't really, in this important election, see why one would make that their deciding factor, when it isn't a 'hot-plate item' right now. I'd vote for Nader if I could, but in this election is too important to get bush/cheney/rumsfeld out of the white house. I suppose bush supporters just don't believe what they've heard about Haliburton, Project (plan?) for a New American Century, etc, or they agree with America trying to take over the world -- in this, the information age, it's harder for politicians to keep their dirty little secrets, and we KNOW FOR A FACT that Bush is trying to impose american values on the middle east, and making a quick buck for himself and his cronies in the meantime. This is a matter of public record, not leftist fantasy, or the creation of
I also find it erroneous to vote for a man because he is "nice" or "cute", but I know you guys were sort of joking, I hope
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