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I buy fabrics online, and most everything else. I cant find wooly nylon for my serger locally or many things. Often the prices I can get online or just as good or better than buying localy in B&M stores. For everythign else I cannot find or want a good price on I get through a coop. If you have a tax ID and all that often you can buy wholesale, too.

There's a number of sites that sell snaps and snap presses, I prefer The Snap Store and their snaps. /rant on I bought a MIS press and die set and their brand of resin snaps and the snaps arent working well with their own die!
So I am now using TSS snaps with MIS's die set and its working way better for me. I should have goen with TSS int he first place, better prices, selection and product. /rant off

Sizing, well thats sort of tricky. I dont think everyone does it the same way. You can use diapers you have to get a general idea on the measurements or you can ask mamas to give you measurements and try and create a diaper around those. Then have them 'test' the fit. You can make one-size, 2 size, 3 size, 5 sizes of diapers! So many ways to do it, so have fun experimenting and maybe you'll come up with somethihg unique and revolutionary to the CDing World LOL

Good luck! Theres no one way to do it.
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