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can we talk heartburn?

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ok, so i'm FINALLY feeling like my constant nausea is letting up a bit, but man, this heartburn will not cut me any slack. it started at 4.5 weeks, and it's been pretty rough.

i started taking papaya extract tablets this week, and it might be helping a little, but it's hard to tell. i am trying some of the tricks i know- elevating my upper body in bed (overnights are the worst!), eating smaller meals throughout the day instead of 3 bigger ones, trying to stay upright for as long as possible after eating (hard, when i have to nurse my youngest to sleep)...

does anyone know of any secret tips to help with heartburn, other than medication? i'll bring it up at my mw appt this week, but i figured it was worth asking sooner.

or does anyone want to join my heartburn whine party?

thanks for any ideas!

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I seem to get awful heartburn while pregnant. i usually just take Tums.

I haven't tried it yet, but someone suggested the liquid from dill pickles really helps with the heartburn. She seemed to think it would work with any pickle "juice" that had vinegar in it.
Oh man, that suuuucks! I just did Tums for my last two. I remember somebody from my last DDC used apple cider vinegar and had success, but I have no idea on the ratio.
Slippery Elm - you can take it as a pill or a chewable - just take it 3X a day. - My last pregnancy even drinking water gave me heartburn!
thanks, guys!

i have tried the ACV in water (because actually, it's one of the only ways i can drink water, cause of the heartburn H2O causes me, too), but it didn't seem to do much. maybe i'll give it another go.

i've never had heartburn like this before.

i really appreciate all the ideas!
Oh, I'm feeling your pain, HCM! I never, ever get heartburn. Not pregnant, not ever. But this pregnancy? Whoa. Started nice and early (like you - about 4.5 weeks) and it's not going away. I do the same things, smaller meals, sitting up, etc. I take tums, but don't like it. I did read somewhere about eating almonds after a meal to help and you know what? They do! I found it didn't take it away completely, but it did seem to lessen it. Plus, the added protein is a bonus! :) I've had both roasted/salted and natural, and didn't seem to notice a difference either way.

Hang in there!!
Originally Posted by Shenjall View Post

I did read somewhere about eating almonds after a meal to help and you know what? They do! I found it didn't take it away completely, but it did seem to lessen it. Plus, the added protein is a bonus! :) I've had both roasted/salted and natural, and didn't seem to notice a difference either way.
oh, you know, i remember reading that somewhere, too! thanks for mentioning it! i always keep them on hand, and you're right, i could really use the added protein. i'm eating them already! fingers crossed!

hope you feel better, too!
I HAVE THE MIRACLE CURE FOR HEARTBURN!!! Sorry to shout, but I was miserable my last pregnancy until I found it, and now I can't shut up about it to every pregnant woman I see -- SOUR GREEN APPLES! And they're in season now if you live in a place where apples grow. I'd eat just a few bits of the smallest, greenest, sourest apple I could pick and the heartburn would fade like magic. I've noticed that apple cider vinegar -- about a tablespoon or two in a small cup of water -- will help too, though not quite as miraculously as the straight up apple.

It seems counterintuitive -- battling acid with acid -- but whatever works (especially if it's all natural, full of vitamins, cheap/free and non-pharmaceutical!). I don't have bad heartburn yet, but I'm going to be picking immature apples now and boxing them away in the cellar for when December rolls around and I'm stuffed full of baby and Christmas food :)
I've had a little bit of heartburn, maybe 2 or 3 times since about 5 weeks along. Got to remember to try ACV when that happens. I know that plain water only made it worse for me. I like to drink ACV in water sometimes anyways, my acupuncturist said its good for the digestive system. I added a little honey and I think it is quite yummy. You can also have it without water, that could potentially work faster.

I thought that I remembered hearing this, so I just did a quick google search and there are several articles saying that heartburn is more likely associated with too LITTLE acid in the stomach rather than too much, so antacids are actually bad for you (plus the Calcium they contain isn't the good kind - its Calcium Carbonate, from oyster shells, and more likely than other types to be contaminated with Mercury, etc.). It is best to use organic, unfiltered, raw ACV from a glass bottle.

We get heartburn in pregnancy because of loosening of muscles, so eating smaller meals more often should be helpful if you're having a lot of problems.

Emaya, thanks for the tip! Sour apples sound like a good idea to try! Makes sense that it would be similar to ACV, too.
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I'm not a fan of anything sour, but I'm certainly going to try Emaya! Thank you!
You guys are so awesome! Thanks so much for your ideas!

Almonds and papaya enzyme, FTW. I have found that taking both of them helps almost completely eliminate all of my symptoms, very very quickly. I've been trying them separately, and their effect is weaker, but together- wow, what a difference!

I love the tart apple idea, and I'm going to try and pick some up at a place that I hope I can find organic ones, just so I can have some other heartburn-beating options on hand.

Thanks again, everyone! I hope everybody finds a solution that works for them!

Hi ladies, I hope I'm not too late to offer a little advice here. Whenever I have any digestion issues of any kind, I take Maxi-Zyme caps, which I buy at Whole Foods but here is what the look like:

These have saved me from that horrible gas you get sometimes where it just hurts, heartburn, you name it. My understanding is that the magic bullet of digestive enzymes is protease, so if you can get your hands on any enzyme supplement that has protease in it you will be making your life a whole lot better!
I tried the tart apple (granny smith) after a spicy chicken wrap from wendys (I was craving - bad!!) and it helped! Didnt take it away completely, but did take the edge off. I only did have a fairly lg slice though. I wonder if I ate the whole apple if it wouldve taken it all away? Who knows, getting down that slice was hard enough for me, lol. (I hate tart apples)
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