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Hi everyone.

So you'd think not much would surprise me being pregnant with our fourth and all, but honestly my nipples are so sore I can hardly think straight. It was like this in the very beginning of my first pregnancy, but it went away in the second trimester, and after that I haven't had it since.

I am, however, still nursing our youngest, who will be 3 this summer. This is waaaaaaaaaay longer than I nursed any of the others, and I can't quite seem to give it up, but it's to the point where the latch on is like fire and now even when we're not nursing, like just when our comforter rubs up against them when I turn over in bed ... they are just crazy sore!

Anyone else?

Do you think this is because of the nursing, or do I just chalk it up to the old "every pregnancy is different thing?"
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