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I'm going back to cloth for dd3 and dd4, we had gone back to huggies during my pregnancy after a rough round of bedrest and other complications and never got back to the cloth. Anyway, dd3 is showing signs of potty training, so I thought I'd try to nab some trainers for her to wear during the day. I have a bunch of the Gerber ones from my oldest girls, but they are way too big for my little petite thing (these are 4T size, she's barely into a 2T and still wears a lot of 18mo clothing, she'll be 3yo next month) Plus, I want the side snapping variety that she can use like panties but still I can pop open for that "oops she pooed in them instead of the potty" think. Can anyone suggest a great choice that is fairly low in price? (if you must know, 90% of the time I use prefolds and pins, I have a 30lb 15mo and my 25lb 2 1/2yo lol)

Oh, and while I'm asking for rec's, what would you rec. for a 4yo and 5yo who still wear pullups to bed at night? My 5yo is starting to night train (she'll wake up half the time to potty, and after that middle of the night potty she'll usually put on undies especially if she went in the pullup instead of the potty) and I want to encourage her to actually use the potty at night too. She's tall and thin, wears a size 8 slim in jeans (thank goodness for adjustable waists, those slim fits still are too big in the middle for her without them) My 4yo isn't there yet so she'll need something super absorbant for her marathon peeing overnight. Oh yeah, no suedecloth for the older 2, as dd2 is allergic to it (but not microfleece????? I don't get it)
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