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WASHINGTON - Descendants of extinct mammals like the giant woolly mammoth might one day walk the earth again. It isn't exactly Jurassic Park, but Japanese researchers are looking at the possibility of using sperm from frozen animals to inseminate living relatives.

So far they've succeeded with mice - some frozen as long as 15 years - and lead researcher Dr. Atsuo Ogura says he would like to try experiments in larger animals.

"In this study, the rates of success with sperm from 15-year-frozen bodies were much higher than we expected. So the likelihood of mammoths revival would be higher than we expected before," Ogura said in an interview via e-mail.
Not entirely sure that this is a good idea. But I am entirely sure that this is an awesome idea.

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Originally Posted by InfoisPower
The question should be "Should wolly mammoths be resurrected?" Just because it's doable doesn't mean it should be done.
There's a quote by Malcolm in Jurassic park...loosely it goes like this "You were so busy thinking that you could, that you didn't stop to think if you should."

Jurassic Park is one of those movies I used to quote to my kids from all the time.

I have a theory...scientists should be locked in a room and made to watch all the new and old science fiction movies ( you know with giant animals run amock, mutated species wreaking havoc everywhere, and the consequences of playing God, or I can do a better science experiment than YOU can.)

On the other hand...this might just give them more ideas. My favorite lately has been Mansquito.
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