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I really like the fit of these (and have to say that after my post a few days back I discovered that the customer service from swaddlebees is top notch!!) ... my little 9 weeker is a pretty heavy pee-er though so the insert that they come with (5 layers only) just doesn't cut it for him ... he's fine if I use two of them or if I stuff with a 2 or 3 layer jamtots small insert(12 x12 fit perfect in the size smalls) but only during the day ... at night he needs something with a little more space up front ...this morning he woke up soaked in the front (slept in a small swaddlebee stuffed with a small JT insert) ...and yes leaking into the bed ... but totally dry in the back (I think this is a heavy wetting BOY thing though as I have heard of other mama's having trouble with night diapers for their sons) ... so as far as I'm concerned these swaddlebees are the greatest daytime diaper we have ... and I'm getting more in medium because I like the fit so much ...they just can't be stuffed with enough stuffings in the front to keep up with my super piddler.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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