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can you boston-area mamas help me out?

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sad day in my extended family.
my uncle lived in whitman, until he died last night.
in a few weeks, i want to send my aunt a gift certificate to get a massage, i think this is a more appropriate gift for me to give than flowers...
can anyone offer a suggestion for a massage therapist you have used (or have heard a direct referral on) that is in reasonable driving distance of whitman? i would like it to be a woman, someone with a lot of compassion (quiet room with candles, someone who appreciates how cathartic massage therapy can be...)who won't talk my auntie's ear off unless that's what auntie seems to want to do at the time...

ideas and #s appreciated. i'll bump this as well in a week or three when i'm ready to make it happen.
thank you.
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I dont live out there in that area ...but I just wanted to say
So sorry to hear of your loss..
i dont' know where whitman is, but i live in boston and have had good experiences at massage therepy works in somerville.
I used to live in whitman, but Bridgewater which is 2 towns away, maybe 20 minutes top has a great place, very nice, peaceful where I've done Yoga and Meditation classes. Anyway, they also do massages and I've heard they are excellent. It's called the center for stress management. The owner's name is Diane and she is very helpful.
There's a few moms who live out in that area. I bet that they don't knwo to look at your post because Whitman is quite a bit away from Boston.

Can you change your post title to read Whitman or nearby??

Sorry I can't help on a specific recommendation. What a nice idea.

thank you all, and also the mama who PM'd me.
thank you, i'll change my title to 'whitman area'...obviously i'm not from there!

darn it, i don't seem to be able to edit the title. if a mod happens to see, would you mind helping me out?
thank you.
I'm in Whitman!!

The Center for Stress Management is great - let me get back with numbers and names in a bit...trying to do bedtime!
First of all, I am so sorry for your loss!
s It is such a thoughtful thing that you are doing for your aunt.

But, as I mentioned last night, the Center for Stress Management would probably be your best bet. Whitman itself doesnt have much, and this is probably 15 mins tops just down rt 18. I have seen Kelly Newcomb for prenatal massage, and loved every second of it with her.

Please let me know if you need anything else.
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